UIE Products

K-Energy Cream (UP 003)

K-Energy Cream is made of natural resources infused with Universe Induced Energy (UIE). Apart from nourishing the skin, it helps to slim and tone the body, reduces odour and prevent the occurrence of athlete’s foot. When used frequently, it can produce a radiant look and youthful body.

K-Energy Black Jade (UP 001)

K-Energy Black Jade is manufactured by using natural black jade infused with Universe Induced Energy (UIE). Does not contain any chemicals, harmful materials or emission, the K-Energy Black Jade provides unlimited energy and strength for men towards a better family life.

K-Energy Jade Ring (UP 008)

K-Energy Jade Ring is manufactured by using natural jade infused with Universe Induced Energy (UIE) to provide unlimited energy and strength to human beings and protect the body against various bacteria.

K-Energy Touch (UP 007)

The exclusive UIE K-Energy Touch is originated from the pure and natural element of Universe Induced Energy (UIE) to help the delay of deterioration as well as decaying process. It can also be used to help enhance the quality of our health.

K-DeepHeat Oil (UP 009)

K-Deep Heat Oil is a specially formulated oil for temporary relief of joint and muscular pains, backache, stiff neck, cramps and minor sprains.

K-Energy Sticker (UP 006)

By harnessing the useful rays of the Universe Induced Energy (UIE), the K-Energy Sticker is a specially designed sticker that is small in size for easy application and convenient use on any part of the hand phone, television, computers, and other electrical appliances.

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