K-EZkleen Floor Cleaner (HH 012)

K-EZkleen Floor Cleaner is an all-purpose premium quality anti-bacterial liquid floor cleaner with added Pine fragrance ideal for quick and easy cleaning of marble, granite and ceramic tiled flooring.

K-EZKleen Spray N Wipe(HH 014)

K-EZKleen Spray N Wipe is an all-purpose detergent and stain remover ideal for cleaning household porcelain, carpet spot, fabric, PVC fittings, stainless steel, chrome and painted surfaces.

K-EZkleen Liquid Detergent (HH 015)

K-EZkleen Liquid Detergent is a specially formulated detergent meant to penetrate and clean stains in the fibre. It removes stubborn stains easily, protects colours of clothing and is more concentrated than normal laundry liquid detergent.

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