Health Care


KINOTAKARA is the latest natural wellness breakthrough from Japan. As a natural toxin absorbent, it helps prevent and alleviate diseases for a healthier lifestyle.

Seven Star Water Filtration Sytem (HC 021)

The 7-Star Water Filtration System possesses 7 specially designed filters to help make water cleaner and improve the quality of water. With its advanced bio-technology filters, the 7-Star Water Filtration System can help to energize the content of water, turn water molecules smaller and providing one with natural and healthy water in the best possible condition.


Gamat Vitagel is a traditional emollient to soften skin, heal minor cuts and burns, wounds, swelling and relieve acne. To be applied on skin or any affected area two or three times a day. For external use only.

K-AquaLife Hydrogen Water Stick (HC 023)

K-AquaLife Hydrogen Water Stick , was developed after many years of research in Japan . It is a ground-breaking product that allows you to make hydrogen-rich drinking water easily anywhere, at your convenience. Hydrogen water is very effective in eliminating active oxygen, which is considered to be the cause of ageing and many kinds of diseases.

K-EnergySocks (HC 018)

K-EnergySocks are made of pure cotton and are embedded with Bio-Ceramic which emits far infrared ray and Bio-Energy. The far infrared rays and Bio-Energy can penetrate deeply into the sensitive part of our soles and promote blood circulation. It also helps prevent bacterial growth, eliminate foot odour and itchiness.


K-Puyikang is an exceptionally wonderful product for women’s general well being. Possess unique properties for feminine hygiene.


Slimming Suit is specially made to help women maintain a healthy and slim figure besides helping to regulate, massage and improve blood circulation in the body.


Laser Therapeutic Device(LTD) is meant to improve blood circulation in the head as well as body and help to achieve better condition from cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases.

Jade Massaging Mattress (HC 013)

The Jade Massaging Mattress is a mattress that uses 100% natural nephrite jade to slow down the ageing process and strengthens the body’s natural defences.

K-Elegance Tudung (HC 014)

K-Elegance Tudung Head Cover Infra-Red Health System helps to alleviate and relieve ailments such as giddiness, headache and general weakness, sleep disorder, lethargic, and help to reduce body odour.


K-Shape Lingerie combines nano-technology that is designed specially to adjust the shape of the body, acting against gravity and prevent the sagging of the breasts, abdomen and buttocks.

K-CleenWater (HC 020A)

Unclean water is a major cause of concern for public health and is known to carry water-bourne disease. With the simplified filtration system and the ability to filter sediments as small as 10 microns, K-CleanWater provides you with a sparkling clean and odour free water. K-CleanWater is user friendly, no changing of cartridges required, anti-rust and suitable for domestic and industrial use. With K-CleanWater, achieving a healthier living is made easy for everyone.

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