Beauty Care

K-Careline Natural Contour Cream (BC 001)

K-Careline Natural Contour Cream is based on (Nature Hormone Precursor Therapy) that avoids imbalance of hormone caused by environment, estrogen, stress and side effects of conjugated estrogen. It helps to prevent accelerated ageing and serves as the most efficient method to control hormonal imbalance.

Beauty Care Products:

  1. K-BeauCareline Deodorant Beauty Soap (BC 012)
  2. Foam Cleanser (BC 006)
  3. Hydration Fluid (BC 007)
  4. K-BeauCareline Repair Gel (BC 013)
  5. Refining Cream (BC 008)
  6. Firming Cream (BC 009)
  7. Sunscreen Cream SPF15 (BC 010)
K-Careline BiOxy Advanced Essence (BC 002)

K-Careline BiOxy Advanced Essence is constructed from natural herb extract that is specially produced to help restore youthfulness of the skin tissue resulting in a more fairer and luminous looking skin.

K-Careline Wrinkle Wonder (BC 003)

K-Careline Wrinkle Wonder combines the latest invention of wrinkle removing cream that is more effective and longer lasting than Botox. It helps smoothens skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by over activity of muscles as well as rejuvenate the face and neck area.

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